Branding in the Workplace

Branding in the Workplace

Although it has been around for years, the popularity of workplace branding has recently increased, and the possibilities companies have to showcase their brand has become more and more unique. Having the ability to transform your office with branding specific to your company allows for a one-of-a-kind workspace that will portray the company culture as well as better connect employees to the company. ICG worked with D2 Solutions, LLC on a very branding heavy project, PRA Health Sciences in Deerfield. We interviewed Lauren Coughlin, a Design Director and Workplace Strategist for D2 to learn more about the specifics of branding, where to start and popular features in the industry. 


What are the most common features you are seeing in branding in the workplace?

The most popular and common features we see are interactive and interchangeable installations; giving clients versatility with their branding. Artwork related to the client’s industry or employee culture that adds a residential or hospitality feel to the workplace is also very common.

How are you able to identify a client’s identity and portray that in the branding?

We conduct a series of visioning workshops to help our clients understand the full potential of branding and to gain an intimate understanding of their workplace drivers and culture.

How do you balance fun branding options (similar to PRA) with more traditional offices?

Installations for each of our clients run a broad spectrum of solutions.  Some of our more traditional clients would prefer to focus on their business offerings or achievements, or honor their clients, yet still like to create more casual of ‘fun’ installations in areas that are only seen by their employees.

 Any fun features, misconceptions or facts you can share about workplace branding?

A common misconception is that branding stops at Logo, brand colors, and a display of marketing materials.  Branding is so much more and offers a unique opportunity to incorporate artful installations that create intrigue, add energy, maybe a sense of humor to the workplace, and that provide a platform for clients to tell their story (rather than a literal application that visitors can simply read on their own).  Every installation is curated to the individual culture of each office we work within.