The Keystone Group Completion

The Keystone Group


After working together on their offices in 2010, ICG recently completed another project for The Keystone Group. The results-oriented management consulting firm that values active client involvement and collaborative work style was looking to build an 11,500 sq. ft. space at 311 S. Wacker that would enhance employee satisfaction and lead to more socialization and collaboration. 

ICG talked with Michael Gallick, the Office Manager at The Keystone Group, to discuss how the space has already impacted employees.


How is this space going to influence Keystone’s employees compared to the last space? 
Everything about this space is more centralized. There is a greater camaraderie among employees as well as more interaction; it is definitely more social focused.

How will this space influence productivity?
The way the space is set up allows for employees to move and work freely throughout the space, not just at their work station or individual office. There are many opportunities to work in areas around the office whether it be in the café, conference rooms or communal areas. This space allows for a flexible work environment we did not have in our last space.

What is your (Mike’s) favorite part about this space?  
First of all, the views from the 50th floor are awesome, can’t beat it! The natural light and windows are also great and increase employee morale. The Café and hub areas are the most communal and fun. It gives all employees the opportunity to keep up with each other in a fun, social environment. 



Architect: Perkins + Will 
Project Management: ACRE Project Management