Want a Project Completed On Time & On Budget? Keep it Clean!

Want a project completed on time and on budget? Keep it Clean!

Construction sites are notoriously messy, but it’s important to start clean and maintain cleanliness as much as possible throughout the life of a project in order to have a successful outcome. ICG is known for managing a clean jobsite which in turn makes for a less stressful project.

We talked to a few of ICG’s superintendents to learn the steps they take to start off clean and maintain cleanliness through the duration of a project. 


For starters, Kris Kestian believes having a conversation on the importance of cleanliness and how it leads to a safer work environment with each foreman and their crew is key before the work begins. Emphasizing the importance of cleanliness and doing their part to keep the job clean and safe is vital in reducing the amount of accidents and overall success of a project.

Why Our Clients Should Care: A safe jobsite means staying on time and on budget as well as reducing insurance costs. For ICG’s Superintendents, analyzing and managing potential safety risks is a huge part of the job to ensure the job runs as smooth as possible.

“I wanted to reach out and thank you for the job ICG is doing out there to help us stay safe. Our foremen had a lot of good things to say about how clean ICG has helped keep the site. It is great to see when our foremen have positive interactions with the GCs, especially in regards to safety, I think it really helps with our morale.”

John Kurtz, Anning-Johnson Company 

Cleanliness Leads to Quality Craftmanship

Brian Stuchly agrees subcontractors perform better and neater when the jobsite is clean, due to the fact that cleanliness exudes professionalism and quality workmanship. In addition, the condition of a jobsite acts as a representation of the company. Cleanliness portrays quality workmanship and professionalism.

Why Our Clients Should Care: Our clients want their space to stay functional, relevant and efficient. Quality craftmanship enforces all of these, establishing a longtime business home for clients.


Productivity among all parties increases when the jobsite is clean. Jobsites run better when clean and can lead to better attitudes among everyone. Site cleanliness can also decrease the amount of wasted materials, time and money, as well as allows workers to be more productive by avoiding scattered debris and materials from a messy jobsite.

Why Our Clients Should Care: Everyone wants their job completed on time! We understand our clients may have strict schedules, and keeping a clean jobsite enforces this.

ICG’s Cleanliness

ICG not only values cleanliness on a jobsite but also safety, professionalism and efficiency. Each of our superintendents goes above and beyond in order to keep the project clean, safe, professional and efficient, saving everyone time and money. Attached find jobsite photos from one of ICG’s more recently completed jobs, ComPsych.

“You could have walked the construction space in the dark, it was so clean.”

Phil Hauck, United Conveyor Corporation