Marshall Gerstein & Borun

The latest project with this long time client involved an occupied two-floor renovation at Willis Tower. This project was scheduled to be completed in five phases over nine months. ICG was able to cut six weeks off of the schedule saving the firm time and money.

This project required that the ICG team work through retrofitting challenges, provide creative cost saving solutions, and ensure that the new construction integrated with the existing. Challenges encountered involve fitting the ceiling grid into the existing crown molding in rooms that were undergoing expansion, modifying light pockets to adjust for obsolete equipment, and running cost comparisons for outlet placement.

The project involved construction of new offices, conference rooms, teaming areas, and painting and carpet replacement in high traffic areas. The conference rooms are equipped with projectors, screens, black out shades and Skyfold partitions. The main boardroom is equipped with a Lutron System. 

Architect: Gensler | 74,000 sq. ft.